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Academic Presentation

One of an important aspect of academic work is to present your research in various seminars, workshops, and conferences. Formal speaking in front of an audience can be challenging if you have not done this before, and plenty of preparation beforehand can help to increase your confidence if you are asked to do this.

This seminar will give researchers the opportunity to improve the presentation skills needed for seminars, conferences, and academic meetings. The class will discuss and consider various aspects of these skills, with student input playing a vital role. The seminar will train students:

  • To begin, proceed, digress, summarize and end a presentation, and to respond to questions in an effective manner
  • To convert written into spoken English: stylistic differences
  • To practice correct pronunciation and intonation
  • To deliver a talk in a relaxed manner using effective visual aids, but without reading
  • To analyze one's own presentation and (in groups) others' presentations in a supportive, affirmative manner, including attention to body language and visual aids.


Location : UDSM Kijitonyama Campus B202
Contact : Dr Joel S. Mtebe