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Academic Integrity and Referencing

Researchers tend to refer to a wider range of sources, keeping track of more references over a longer period of time, summarizing more complex materials, publishing their own work … and creating new knowledge. This all presents a new challenge in keeping academic integrity as well as ensuring that all used sources are well cited and referenced.

In recognizing this difficult facing many researchers especially students, the eLRG conducts seminars to equip students on skills and competence to able them to properly reference used materials while maintaining academic integrity.

We train students on how to use Mendeley Software. Mendeley is a reference manager that can help researchers to organize their citations and references automatically. In this seminar, researchers are equipped with:

  • Basics of referencing or citation,
  • Plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism,
  • Reference styles,
  • Using Mendeley Sofware
Location : UDSM Kijitonyama Campus B202
Contact : Dr Joel S. Mtebe