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Writing documents with LaTeX

This seminar provides basics of LaTeX word processing system including basic commands on how to structure, alter the margins and spacing, and divide into sections a LaTeX document. Included is information on common LaTeX packages that are used, plus additional information on creating math equations, adding a title page, and linking in bibliographic citations. Sone of the topics expected to be covered include:

  • LaTeX Overview and Basics
  • LaTeX Commands
  • Altering LaTeX
  • LaTeX Fancy Formatting
  • Styles and Headings
  • Page Numbering
  • Table of Contents, Figures, and Tables
  • Landscape Figures
  • Table using a Landscape Page
  • Landscaping Just the Table
  • Master Documents
  • LaTeX Titles, Bibliographies, and Mathematics
  • LaTeX Wrap-up
Location : UDSM Kijitonyama Campus B202
Contact : Dr Joel S. Mtebe